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Innovative, best-in-class ceramics and advanced materials for applications within Aerospace, Defense, and Energy

About Us

Fornax Advanced Materials  researches, develops and manufactures light weight, high density products composed of advanced carbon, metallics and ceramic composite materials using Electric Field Assisted Sintering Techniques (eFAST).  

Substantial improvements in physical and mechanical properties, including density, thermal conductivity, grain structure, corrosion resistance, strength, and toughness

Increased size and shape capabilities

Low defect rates due to reduced variability in the forming process

Exceptional reductions in energy consumption during processing and production

Improved throughput and efficiency during processing and production

Decarbonization - no fossil fuels required

Fornax Advanced Materials' processes allow for:

Fornax Advanced Materials has a portfolio of materials, processes, and solutions that represent significant improvement and innovation to what is currently available in the market.

Case Study

Case Studies

Graphite: Fornax Advanced Materials produces graphite that achieves a density greater than 2.0 g/cm³,  is ASME-NQA-1 compliant, possesses fewer than 2ppm Boron, and is the product of a domestic, repeatable, high-throughput, and energy efficient method.

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Silicon Carbide: Fornax Advanced Materials produces silicon carbide tiles that, when compared to traditionally consolidated SiC-tiles of equivalent description (weight, size, etc.), demonstrate a 30% increase in hardness, possess an improved grain structure, and can be delivered in sizes up to 24 inches with curvature (if desired). These tiles are created through a repeatable, high-throughput, and energy efficient method. 

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